is an Internet Service Provider with local 56k dial-up access numbers throughout the USA and Canada. Just what you need and nothing you don't, wherever you want to be, for a price you can afford.

Use at home or take your laptop on the road. There are numbers available coast-to-coast, from Portsmouth to St. Pete, from Boston to Oakland, in Hawaii, Canada and overseas. We're almost everywhere,and you can even access your e-mail from any other computer on-line. provides easy-to-use, reasonable-priced access to the Internet and email, anywhere you are, anytime you choose. Nothing to come between you and the World Wide Web.

No advertising, no targeted emails, no slow access, no endless busy signals. No strange voice from space saying "You've got mail". No fancy mailings with offers of 1000 "free" hours - you're smart enough to know that "free" only means that you haven't paid yet You log in, we authenticate your user and password, then step back and open your door to the Internet . is a company of human beings, not a huge conglomerate with international interests in publishing, telecommunications and advertising. We won't bombard you with ads, offers, subscriptions or spam. Infact we filter any spam out of the mail. We won't get in your way while you're taking care of business or surfing the 'Net.

We're small enough that you won't listen to an automated phone system. Call us and we'll keep it short and sweet. We'll set you up with an email address and a dial-up connection for only $15.95 a month. Call us today and get surfin' the 'Net!
Read the Basic Instructions,
Give it some thought,
Pick your email name,
and give us a call!

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